About Us


Hiya. We're Emma-Jane & Robin Richards. We've lived in Bristol for over 10 years now, and just love the city - Wow, how time fly, when you're having fun I guess. We both have always been creative, and a few years ago we decided to start Bemmie as a outlet for our illustrations and ideas.

All of our illustrations are original, drawn by either one of us. We mostly sell at markets, arts trails and a couple of shops around Bristol. It's just the 2 of us, creating all the artwork, gifts, souvenirs and so on. We don't really have a grand plan or anything, we just love to create bright, colourful, energetic work. 

Being a small independent business we understand that sometime art can be expensive, therefore we try to make everything as affordable as we can possibility make it.

Thank you for your support of our little business, we really appreciate it!


Please do come say hi on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, via good ole email. We’d love to hear from you 🙂