Hot Air Balloon Prints

Hot air balloons, anyone? The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is iconic, exciting, colourful, and inspiring, and we at Bemmie have used that inspiration to create our Hot Air Balloon Prints Collection. It’s wall décor with our own matchless style. Jewel-tone colours, playful designs, and energetic lines make these UK art prints some of our own personal favourites. Bemmie’s 2019 official Balloon Fiesta poster is the star of the show; it’s the perfect way to add a pop of colour to a room and makes a fabulous gift for a balloon enthusiast!

Robin’s vibrant, original designs pay homage to a beautiful Bristol tradition – these digitally hand drawn prints are fun, striking, and ideal wall décor for all ages and all settings. They look just as lovely in a child’s bedroom as they do in a café; nothing perks up a white wall more than the glowing colours and dreamy stylisation of our balloon prints. Curate your own collection of vibrant Bemmie balloon illustrations when you add one of each to your collection; they look amazing as a set and give your walls a whimsical, winsome, vivid personality. Simply add your own simple frame and you’ve got a piece that looks as if it’s come straight from an art gallery. Boutique-style and created by an independent Bristol business, our Hot Air Balloon posters and prints have a special meaning to us; they’re the spirit of the Bristol we love – Bristol at its most joyous, its most energetic, and its most idyllic.

Summer days and sky displays: Robin and Emma-Jane have created distinctive, unique representations of a universally beloved, charming event that brings smiles to faces of all ages. There are few events that are more picturesque than a hot air balloon show, and Bemmie’s Hot Air Balloon Prints Collection keeps that sense of wonder alive and aloft.